Gifts Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Perfect gifts
Beautifully packaged
No-fuss and clean with ease

One to rule them all. One to decorate all. One to delight all. Behold the ruler of cookies – the Gingerbread Man, the guest of honor every Christmas, a true cookie legend. And such a nice dough roller with him – an engraved Christmas rolling pin, thanks to which you can bake charming cookies with a cookies VIP.

The carved rolling pin is like that ring – irresistible. It is simply adorable, perfect for complementing the Christmas atmosphere with charming baked goods, beautifully decorated not only with the iconic character of a gingerbread man, but also with candy canes, gifts or a rocking horse, in a word – everything that brings a smile to your face and is associated with Christmas. Such cookies will certainly surprise, because they will be unusual and beautiful, and the roller itself will encourage you to bake as many of them as possible, preferably in the family circle. Also works great as a rather original but certainly cool Christmas gift.

To dough roller we add a free recipe for your favorite cookies, the Gingerbread Men.