Roses Rolling Pin

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A romantic rolling pin... well that's a good one! But it doesn't matter how it sounds, what's important is how cookies look like when they come out from under such a rolling pin. And here there is nothing to laugh at, only to praise, because this carved rolling pin is really beautiful, and sweets rolled out with it are simply gorgeous! And delicious, of course!

This engraved roller with roses is an outstandingly charming proposal, which will delight every woman, but not only! Men can also be tempted to bake cookies with this design, and then give them to their beloved, mother, grandmother, daughter... Touching moments are guaranteed! Oooh, also baking in a mother-daughter or grandmother-granddaughter duo will be fantastic entertainment! Such a rolling pin comes in handy for any occasion, because the cookies made with its help will always stand up – to soften your heart, improve your mood, on holidays, to decorate the table or just – to eat! And after all, it's better to do it with lovely, delicious, adorable, well, delightful floral cookies! This rolling pin is a real treat for true aesthetes, but also for anyone who simply appreciates pretty patterns on baked goods. And it comes with a free recipe for perfect cookies!