Square Wave Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Yeeaah, from looking at such a pattern you can get nystagmus! So there's nothing to look at it's better to eat all the baked cookies at once, so you don't get tired and take care of your health. But well – looking at them will be a special pleasure, because such cool cakes are rare!

Engraved patterned rolling pin is a great alternative to ordinary, boring dough rollers, which may be good for rolling out dough, but so what if you have to make up some cool patterns later. And so it's 2 in 1 – good rolling pin and great pattern, which when baked on cookies will surely make a great impression. Such carved rolling pins are a perfect gift idea for all lovers of unusual kitchen gadgets and those who appreciate unobvious solutions. And although it may be a bit twisted in the head – how pleasant it will be!

To the dough roller we add a free recipe for delicious cakes, which may confuse the sight, but certainly not taste!