Zigzag Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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For fans of mathematics, geometric figures, segments, straight or diagonal lines – such a dough roller! With it you will create delicious snacks that perfectly stimulate the brain cells to think. And if not at least they will give pleasure, because they will be tasty and interesting!

Engraved rolling pin in zigzags is a great kitchen gadget, thanks to which you will bake very original cookies. It will certainly make fun for everyone, who has an exact mind and a flair for various technical matters, that is why it will be perfect as a gift. We also have to admit that it is quite universal, so it will be a safe choice for a gift. Such a carved rolling pin is also worth having just like that it looks interesting, and thanks to it you will make attractive baked goods, so different from those classically carved or decorated with sugar. It's cool and that's it!

To the rolling pin we attach a tested recipe for delicious cookies. It is very simple, so even those who prefer math rather than cooking will cope with it without any problem.