Creatures Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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I dread to think what will happen if you pass by this dough roller indifferently... So it's better not to risk and prepare the dough already! On the other hand, it's quite cute and there's nothing scary about it. Well, except for the cookies that come out of it – terribly delicious, terribly interesting and terribly cool!

Engraved dough roller with ghosts and creatures is a great idea for a phenomenal gift – not only for children! Everyone, who likes to surprise with their baking, will appreciate it but we have to admit, that on a kinder party or a Halloween party it will really make a furore! With the creature rolling pin you can bake cute cookies, which will be both a cool decoration and super snack. It is also a ready idea for a great family fun – first you bake together and then family movies and munching cookies... What a cool idea!

A very simple cookie recipe is included free of charge with the rolling pin – so even children can play at being confectioners themselves!