Marocco Rolling Pin

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This pattern never gets boring! So if you already have it on the tiles in the bathroom, carpet in the living room and your favorite scarf – it doesn't hurt to print it on cookies too, let them match, what the heck! And with such a rolling pin it's not a problem, in fact, it's a pleasure!

Engraved dough roller in a Moroccan clover is a way to add a bit of exoticism to your kitchen without leaving home. Cakes with this pattern will be very elegant and interesting, like delicacies from the royal table! So they will quickly become the best treat for any party. Such a carved rolling pin is an ideal gift idea for someone, who firstly – loves this pattern, and secondly – likes such unobvious, interesting kitchen trinkets. By itself, it looks like a stylish decoration – so it can proudly rest on the countertop and collect a lot of praise. But it's worth trying it out to sweeten your day with delicious, and extremely pretty cakes.

To the dough roller we add a tested recipe for delicious cakes that can easily compete with Arabian delicacies!