Pepitka Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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For lovers of Chanel and Alexander McQuenn... but also for all who just like it – fashionable, immortal pepitas, which has not yet been seen on cakes, but with a fine dough roller you can change that!

Engraved rolling pin in pepitas – well, this has not been seen before! It can be said that it is the perfect addition to a fashionable coat or a little black dress! And if you insist, you can treat it only as a decoration, because it's very pretty, but if you can have a lot of delicious cookies with such a pattern, it's worth using it! Such a carved dough roller is an ideal gift idea for anyone, who appreciates fashion and good style not only in their closet. It will be an extremely interesting kitchen gadget, and cookies with it will become an unquestionable hit for every party. You can even say that they will be a stylish accessory!

To the dough roller we add as a gift the recipe for very elegant cookies.