Sweet Dogs Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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No-fuss and clean with ease

There's already been 101 Dalmatians, there's been about all the dogs that go to heaven, but no one has talked about the doggie dough roller yet! But that's probably only because their mouths were full of delicious cakes, which they scooped up with it! Because it is hard to resist when there are so many cute doggies waiting to be chomped!

Just the engraved doggie rolling pin brings a smile to your face, let alone the cakes you make with it! They will be extremely original and cute, so for sure they will become a hit of every afternoon tea. Such a sculpted rolling pin is an excellent idea for a gift for anyone who either already has a dog and can't give it a moment's peace not to pet it, or dreams about it, but somehow it's far from coming true... So they can take in a whole pack of cute doggies, perfect for munching! Another thing is that making such cool cakes will be just fun, so the rolling pin is worth having and that's it!

To the rolling pin we add a recipe for delicious cookies!