Diamond Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Now close your eyes and think of something pleasant (cookies), you see something that makes you happy (cookies), you are relaxed and happy (full of cookies)... And then, wake up! Such a dough roller! The work awaits, the cookies won't make themselves!

But you have to admit that with such a rhomboid engraved roller you want to knead, roll, cut! Fantastic pattern, a bit hypnotic and surprising will make the cookies come out really interesting, and combined with the delicious taste will make you in a state of euphoria and elation. Such a sculpted dough roller will be a great gift for someone who likes to rock in the clouds sometimes, but not only – you can also buy it for yourself, to charm your friends with unique baked goods. And it will also be great for spending time together – you can roll out both the dough and various existential topics.

To the dough roller we add a recipe for delicious cookies with a truly hypnotic taste.