Florart Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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You know that feeling when someone says "And where did you buy such beautiful cookies? They are so delicious!". Ah, this happiness, this pride, and this admiration in the eyes of the guests! Meanwhile, it's just a rolling pin. A rolling pin with an engraved artistic pattern made your heart swell (... and maybe also the imprints on your hands, after all, you want to roll, and roll...)!

This beautiful rolling pin with a floral pattern allows you to create cakes like from the best pastry shop, extremely elegant, and stylish, and are real table decorations. It is simply beautiful, perfect for baking on any occasion! It will also be perfect as a gift, especially for someone, who attaches equal importance to taste and presentation. What's more – with such a roller you can quite well... win people over, for example by inviting them to bake artistic cookies together! Great fun with a beautiful and tasty end guaranteed!

Each rolling pin comes with a free recipe for delicious cookies – so you do not need to have great talent to surprise your loved ones!