Flower Art Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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How much time one could spend admiring pansies, tulips, sunflowers and roses? Well, fine, you could look at them forever, because they are beautiful flowers, but sometimes you would like to see something unusual, with character – something unique and artful. We have a rolling pin for it!

The engraved rolling pin decorated with artistic flowers will certainly fit perfectly in every kitchen as a décor, but its function is of course much more significant – it rolls unusual cakes, beautifully decorated with floral motifs, and not some "classic", but rather abstract. Such cookies are bound to impress, because they will look interesting on the table, which in addition to their obvious delicious taste will charm any sweet tooth. Such a carved roller makes a great gift idea for anyone who appreciates interesting gadgets and, of course, delicious baked goods. You can use it for collective cookie-making events with family or friends – nice atmosphere, beautiful delicacies... sounds delightful!

We add a free recipe for cookies to the rolling pin. Simple, yet delicious!