HOHOHO Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Not only Santa Claus – anyone who sees the cookies that will come out from under such a carved roller, will say "Whoa, what a wonder!". Because in fact – they will be beautiful, and perfectly matching to the max festive atmosphere of Christmas. And simply original, right? Finally, you can throw away those curved molds, because even a regular glass is enough to cut out charming sweets.

Engraved Christmas roller is an indispensable tool in every kitchen, where you can smell baking since November. Thanks to it you will create beautiful cakes, that will delight guests at the Christmas table and that will simply bring a fantastic atmosphere. You don't have to look for such and such shapes of forms – one roll is enough to create small Christmas works of art! Apparently it's best to do it in the family circle – then they gain extra power! Such a dough roller is a perfect idea for a cool Christmas gift or simply an interesting decoration of the kitchen, if someone can't bake.

...but as a free gift we give you a recipe for super simple cookies – it's worth trying!