Honeycomb Rolling Pin

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The topic of bees has been quite loud lately. No wonder – these small, hard-working insects are extremely useful and necessary for making everything in nature just fine. That's why you should make sure there are as many of them as possible! Will cookies that come from under a rolling pin with their pattern would be of help in this matter? Well, they will certainly increase the growth of... Well, contentment of course! They'll be pretty, so they'll make you smile, and that's what makes you happy, which means everything is fun and buzzing!

An engraved honeycomb pattern rolling pin is really adorable! It will allow you to create quite original small and bigger cookies, which will certainly cause the effect of... well not a butterfly – a bee. Of course! It is such a new phenomenon in nature when eating one cute and delicious cake makes you immediately want to roll, bake and eat more! Such a rolling pin and cookies made with it will surely be a highlight of any party (not only summer ones), they will surprise your guests and on top of that the very process of creation – whether solo or in a swarm – will be a unique entertainment!

Buzzz! Each rolling pin comes with a recipe for delicious cookies (you can use honey instead of sugar)!