Koala Rolling Pin

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Koalas prefer fresh Eucalyptus leaves, but that's probably only because they've never eaten cookies. And it's a good thing they don't – they'd just poison themselves! But humans can eat them at will! Therefore, for those for whom the fate of koalas is especially important, we offer a dough roller. Engraved koala bear rolling pin – a tribute to both sweets and nature!

But it is cool! Carved koala teddy bear rolling pin is an exceptionally original gadget for all those, who simply like such trinkets in their kitchen, are enchanted by cute bears, and of course love cookies! Thanks to it you can create extremely interesting cakes, different from the others, and surprise all your guests. Such a rolling pin is a great idea for a gift, but also a way to spice up your daily coffee with a sweet and pretty cookie. Cookie in koalas – after all it sounds like pure pleasure!

To the dough roller we add a free simple recipe for cookies. And we recommend eucalyptus for a cold!