Owls Rolling Pin

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Owl wise head. But it is a well-known fact that the brain works much better when it is properly supported. So it needs lots of valuable nutrients, which you can provide with cookies! After all, they can be made of wholemeal flour, milk, nuts... and with owls. It instantly makes you smarter!

Engraved owl dough roller is a gadget that can do a lot of good. It will encourage kids to learn – after all, the owl will be watching over them, it will bring pleasure, as it happens when eating cookies, and at the same time it will cause a lot of fun – you have to make these cookies somehow, and with such a rolling pin it's great fun! So you can give it as a gift, and you can also treat it as... Well, a teaching aid in the form of a rolling pin doesn't sound good, but there is something in it! Cookies with adorable owls will be a hit at any party, not just kids' parties. Owls are just adorable, so it's good to have such a sculpted dough roller in your arsenal of kitchen tools.

The roller comes with a recipe for cool cookies, perfect for a snack for school or work.