Puppies Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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If you don't have what you like, you go pet a dog with an ear. And if you don't have a dog, you absolutely have to get one! And you need a rolling pin, specifically one with engraved doggies, which makes phenomenal, yes, racy cookies, maybe not to stroke, but to chomp on for sure. And this is even better!

The sculpted dough roller with the image of doggies, paws and bones is really cute! Cute doggies will delight not only every animal lover, but also everyone in general, because cakes with them will be extremely original. The rolling pin is a perfect idea for a gift, but it's also worth having for yourself, especially if you like dogs – certainly with its help you can create interesting cookies, but also you can definitely improve your mood – dog + cookie = happiness! You can also do a lot of good with such a rolling pin, e.g. bake cakes for a shelter, which will sell them for donations...? There are tons of options, and any reason to have such a rolling pin is a good one!

Recipe for ba(r)ked cookies free of charge!