Scandinavian Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Perfect gifts
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No-fuss and clean with ease

Can cookies be fashionable? Of course they can! And you don't have to use weird flours, unicorn tears and unpronounceable additives to bake them. One small dough roller is enough to create really trendy sweets!

Engraved dough roller with Scandinavian motif will instantly become an unquestionable hit in every kitchen and at every party. Thanks to it you will be able to bake plenty of cakes with fashionable, interesting patterns that will surely surprise everyone. It is also perfect as a gift – a wooden dough roller for cakes fits into the idea of eco, and additionally this minimalist design... Well, every aesthete will be delighted! And if not for someone, then it is worth buying it for yourself. You can bake cookies alone or with company (they will come out even better!) and have really good fun while creating small, tasty, and at the same time really pretty treats.

To roller we add a free simple recipe for cookies (Polish, not Scandinavian).