Scary Faces Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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No-fuss and clean with ease

What does one do when there are some monsters lurking around the corner? Take the roller to defend yourself and fight! And with such an engraved Halloween dough roller you will scare away any monster. Although... you will get some pretty inviting cakes out of it. So better to bake them and hide in a safe place!

A carved Halloween dough roller will surely be a cool gadget for this peculiar holiday. You no longer have to figure out how to make fingers out of sausages or break your teeth on gum-eyes. You can bake great cookies with a truly scary pattern, which will perfectly fit into the atmosphere, and in addition will be, of course, extremely tasty. Such a roller can be a gift for a horror movie fan or someone who is not afraid of culinary experiments. You can also buy it for yourself – because it is simply original and cool, and you will love these cookies. For an interesting Halloween decoration you can put them next to hollowed out pumpkin – great set!

For roller we add gratis recipe for delicious cookies.