Sheep Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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For highlanders, for lovers of wool sweaters, for fans of mountain treats – such a dough roller, on the go! With it you will create a lot of great cookies, fluffy, cuddly and... crunchy, although with a pattern of a soft sheep. Well, interesting, interesting...

Engraved rolling pin in sheep (or, if you prefer, it can be in rams) is something really cool! It will delight everyone – both small animal lover, and big, because you can create unique cookies with an image of cute, soft animals, which will certainly be a big surprise. Such a rolling pin is a great idea for a gift for a child, who likes to have fun in the kitchen – it will encourage everyone to bake as often as possible and spend time in an interesting way. Although for sure parents will get involved with such a great dough roller – it is simply adorable and using it will bring a lot of fun to everyone!

To the dough roller we add a recipe for delicious cookies. They taste perfect with milk, for a change, cow's milk.