Skull Rolling Pin

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Everyone has a hidden dark side that sometimes likes to come to the fore. If she screams too loud, you can shut her mouth by stuffing it with delicious cookies. But let them be dark too, just for the sake of balance. Cakes in skulls will be perfect!

Engraved skull roller is an extremely original kitchen gadget, thanks to which you can create hm... well interesting cakes, and certainly ones that will cause a shock! It will be perfect for baking treats for a themed party and, by the way, they will be a cool decoration. Such a carved dough roller is an ideal gift proposal for lovers of emo style, metal music, horror movies, black clothes and such – in a word, it will fit perfectly into the dark climate. But we also have to admit that there is something cute about it... well skull cookies? It's hard not to smile! And if it's too scary for you – you can decorate cookies with pink dust. Then they will look delightful!

To roller we add gratis recipe for cookies.