Snowman Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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No-fuss and clean with ease

The last few winters weren't particularly blessed with snow, you couldn't even make a snowman... Well, excuses, excuses, and if you have such a carved roller, you can make a whole bunch of snowmen, edible ones at that! And it's known that it's better to eat yellow, crispy cookies than snow... So what, wanna build a snowman today...?

Snowman Engraved Roller is the fulfillment of expectations of all those who dream of making tradition come true! It's winter – there must be snow and a snowman, but if you don't have what you like, at least you can have lovely cakes. Decorated with charming snowmen and snowflakes not only bring a smile, but also satisfaction, because it is known that sweets mean happiness. Such a roller is therefore an ideal gift and gadget in general for anyone who loves both winter and cakes! And how much fun is baking with loved ones... The more hands, the more snowmen and pleasure!

To the dough roller we add a free recipe for cookies, recommended by Jack Frost.