Toys Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Toys and candy – this is what a child's paradise looks like! Maybe it won't sound good if I say that to make such a dream come true you need a rolling pin, but... it's true! Just such a toy-engraved dough roller, thanks to which you can bake gorgeous, sweet (and sugar-free!) cookies, will be a perfect gadget for every child.

Such a dough roller can be rolled non-stop! Thanks to it you will bake lovely, fantastic cookies with beautiful designs that will delight everyone, regardless of age – especially children. Perfect as a gift for a small confectioner or for common family baking. Beautiful cookies are sure to make a furore at the party, will be a great table decoration, and most importantly – bring a smile on the face of every child! Engraved toy rollers can also be a secret weapon of parents: when you run out of ideas for cool snacks – it will change the face of well-known recipes.

To the dough roller we add a recipe for cookies – even a child can handle it!