Boo Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Perfect gifts
Beautifully packaged
No-fuss and clean with ease

Trick or treat? How is it possible that no one has thought of asking for cookies! And they are better: crispy, fresh, and you don't have to throw away the paper. Well, maybe people are afraid that they will be given out too quickly. Indeed, if you have such a roller, it is actually quite a risk!

The engraved Halloween dough roller is not scary at all, instead it is terribly cute! Thanks to it you will create the perfect cakes for a party with ghosts in the background – they will certainly make a great impression, being an unusual decoration and, most importantly, a delicious snack. You can also give it as a gift – it will please every kid who likes stories with thrill! Sculpted dough rollers with lots of interesting patterns will certainly encourage to bake together because every adult will smile at the sight of it and will gladly start to mix the ingredients. I dread to think how many of these cakes you will eat... because you won't be able to resist, they will be so cool!