Butterflies Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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What does a butterfly have to do with a dough roller? The sight of a butterfly is always somehow so disarming. But melting over cakes already sounds like some kind of roller, so we have a butterfly roller – oh yes, an engraved one! It's a bit of a twist, but you have to admit that you want to spin and spin to make as many pretty, artistic butterfly cookies as possible.

You have to admit, the carved butterfly rolling pinis really impressive! If you want to have beautiful, cute cookies – this will certainly work perfectly for that! It also fits perfectly as a gift. It's a little strange to say that this is a great dough roller for women, but it is – it really has a charm about it and if it doesn't encourage you to bake, it will certainly be a beautiful and original kitchen decoration. But such cookies, beautifully decorated with artistic butterflies, are the perfect treat for a women's meeting, so the motivation to bake is there! And maybe it will tempt mother and daughter to a new, common ritual...?

To the dough roller we add a simple recipe for sweet and light as butterflies cookies.