Cartoon Ocean Rolling Pin

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Nemo was found a long time ago, a lot is already known about the mermaid Ariel, and yet the ocean still holds many secrets! To discover them, you do not need to be a scientist, you do not even need to know how to dive. All you need is a dough roller – a wooden engraved rolling pin, which will take you to the abyss of deep dough. I mean the ocean!

The dough roller with an ocean motif is a great gadget not only for wolves of the sea, but above all for every cake eater, who likes original sweets. Thanks to it you can create sweets with charming patterns of sea creatures, which will surely cause quite a sensation during every party. Cookies will delight every child and every adult, because simply will be extremely original! Such a dough roller is a great idea for a gift for animal lovers, and also something to spice up family time, creating together cute cookies. Such lunch before going to the seaside is a must!

To the dough roller we add a free recipe for cookies, which certainly everyone will manage!