Christmas Scraps Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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During Christmas every kitsch is welcome – the more lights, trinkets, ornaments and general Christmas themes, the better! But if someone likes elegance – he also has a chance to show off, for example, making cookies with the help of such a carved roller. You have to admit that it has a classy touch, and at the same time it is lovely and full of holiday charm, perfect for baked goods that are supposed to be so really ah and oh!

This engraved dough roller with a Christmas design looks quite... traditional. It is just typically festive, very pretty, seemingly simple, but what cookies will it conjure up – fabulous! They will surely delight everyone and encourage even those who don't like sweets (good one!). It will also be perfect as a gift – it is so charming that even on its own it will be a lovely Christmas decoration – a red checked cloth, a dough roller on it, a green twig next to it... Not only Instagram will be delighted!

We add to the dough roller a recipe for cookies that are both decorative and extra delicious!