Cottage House Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Who does not dream of a small, charming house somewhere in the deep countryside, where the rooster crows, orchards bloom and everything is so idyllic, angelic? Well, if you do not have what you like, then you like what you have. And you can have, for example, such a roller – it does not cost as much as a house in the country, and is just as charming. And in addition, it gives cakes – no credit, no rent, yet beautiful and tasty!

Engraved roller with a country theme is an extremely interesting proposition for those who like such folk, country atmosphere. You can bake charming cookies with it, which will certainly be surprising, because they will be completely different, really cool, and decorated in an unusual way. Great as a gift for everyone, because who does not like nice, tasty cakes? It is also good to have such a roller in your home – you can make yourself a pleasure or invite friends to bake together interesting delicacies. Isn't it a nice idea?

As a gratis we give you a recipe for delicious cakes. They will come out not only from domestic flour!