Dachshund Rolling Pin

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Dachshunds are extremely interesting dogs: cute, sweet, small and cuddly! And they are not at all longer than other dogs, they just have short legs! But that's what makes them look like cute little rollers. Nothing but to take them and ball them up, rub them, bite into them... Because after all, we are talking about a dough roller, an engraved roller in dachshunds, from under which delicious cookies will come out in these delightful doggie pattern, perfect for munching!

It is obvious that if you love dachshunds – and it is difficult not to love them! – you simply must have such a rolling pin to bake delicious treats not only for your pet! Carved dough roller with dachshunds is an extremely original gadget, thanks to which you can create phenomenal and very original cakes, decorated with cute dogs and their paws. Certainly they will be a hit at every party! It will be difficult to not smile. It's also easy to be surprised, because... this is really a Dachshund dough roller, something so strange, and yet so... Well, you just have to have it!

The rolling pin comes with a free cookie recipe. You can make longer or shorter ones!