Dino Rolling Pin

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Any self-respecting dinosaur fan knows that you can NEVER have too many dinosaur gadgets. But when you have enough T-shirts, all the figurines are collected, and there is no more room for stickers... with help comes the fantastic Dinosaur dough roller, thanks to which you can bake endless amounts of delicious cakes with many different dinosaurs!

Engraved Dinosaur Roller will surely become a favorite and very practical toy of every child who likes both dinosaurs and cookies! Thanks to it everyone can bake a whole mountain of super treats that will surely surprise your friends. The kid can also play together with their parents or just organize a fun and creative play, which will result in delicious cookies with an interesting, original design.

Psst! Parents, if you have an idea for some mega healthy, sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free cookies and your child doesn't really want to eat them, then... well, I guess you already know how to encourage them! But just in case – we also give you our recipe for simple and delicious dino-cookies.