Dinosaurs Rolling Pin

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A cat and a dog can be everyone's cup of tea, but a dinosaur is something else. That's something! Maybe you can't quite pet it, but you can... eat it! Such a roller! Wooden roller engraved with a dinosaur motif will allow you to create completely safe, harmless animals, which will be so amazing that you will want to eat them all!

Carved dough roller in dinosaurs will not transfer in time or bring to life ancient creatures, but it will make a great impression. You can use it to create original cookies with dinosaur motifs, which will be a great attraction at every afternoon tea. Ideally suited for children's parties, but not only – after all, everyone likes cool cakes! Such a rolling pin is something that no self-respecting fan of prehistory should lack in their dino-collection. Baking cakes will be like archaeology – you will discover delicious cakes, lots of ancient animals and a new way to have fun, which will easily engage parents.

The rolling pin comes with a cookie recipe, discovered long ago but still delightful!