Easter Eggs Rolling Pin

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A dough roller and eggs. Not a bad combination, right? We have to admit that it is extremely accurate, perfect for Easter! This unique, engraved wooden rolling pin with beautiful Easter eggs will allow you to create small masterpieces that will beautifully decorate your table.

Roller with a motif of Easter eggs is truly... multifunctional gadget! With it you can bake beautiful cookies that have the shape and character of Easter eggs, so they are like a decoration – that's one thing. Two, such cookies can be baked together – mom with daughter, dad with son, grandma with grandson – any collaboration is welcome, because everyone will enjoy it. It's the perfect way to make a new family tradition! Three – it's hard to find something that will better conquer the Easter atmosphere – with cookies from under such a rolling pin it will be delicious (we add a super recipe to the dough roller!), joyful, beautiful and to the max festive!

Psst! Outside of Easter time you can say that these are... unique, decorated footballs, right...? Well, because how can you say no to such cookies!