Easter Plaid Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Sometimes twisting a rolling pin has only advantages. Especially if the rolling pin looks like this one – elegant, interesting and simply adorable – and you can use it to create beautiful Easter cookies. Who can resist?

This engraved rolling pin with an Easter motif is a joy! The beautiful, deep designs will delight anyone who loves not only cookies, but also the whole creative process. Thanks to it you can cut out small, delicious masterpieces and what's more – do it with real pleasure yourself or with your loved ones. Well it's hard to find a better idea for Easter time, than making such rolls in the family! And delicacies will become a unique decoration of the holiday table (...although probably they will disappear from it quickly!).

According to Hare, such a patterned dough roller is a great idea for a gift even for someone who cannot bake, because he even includes a simple recipe for delicious cookies!