Easter Squares Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Perfect gifts
Beautifully packaged
No-fuss and clean with ease

Easter eggs? Check! Tulips or other daffodils? Check! Hare? Check! Chickens? Check! Everything you need for Easter – taken care of in one motion! Yes, it sounds like a total roller and that's exactly what it is, specifically – a beautifully engraved Easter dough roller that will instantly create festive, perfect cookies for the basket, table or gift for someone close.

Wooden rolling pin with Easter pattern is an indispensable tool for everyone, who can never have enough Easter decorations and who enjoys a lot of fun with Easter preparations. With it you can surprise your loved ones during the celebration, or together with them organize a great time rolling and baking beautiful sweets. And if someone doesn't have a knack – we always add a recipe for cookies to the rolling pin! This new holiday tradition is sure to strengthen family bonds (...but also loosen the waistbands of your pants!).

Such a lovely, engraved festive rolling pin every Hare would like to deliver and... take in himself! It is worth whispering about it to him – let him make some cake-eater happy!