Flamingo Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Perfect gifts
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No-fuss and clean with ease

Flamingos are funny! They are also an extremely popular motif lately. A t-shirt here, curtains there, a blanket of some sort... All that's missing are cookies. Oh, not anymore! Because here is an engraved flamingo rolling pin, to the delight of everyone, for whom a fashionable design – and tasty cakes – is never too much.

Carved rolling pin with a flamingo motif will be perfect for summer baking! It is hard to find a better pattern – sun, light breeze and flamingo cookies... a perfect picnic! Next to the birds there are some leaves on the rolling pin, which can be easily associated with the very popular and adored Monstera... So it will be a perfect and very original kitchen decoration! You can give it to someone as a gift – for sure it will cause a big WOW, but it is also good to have it, to make yourself nice cookies and surprise your friends at parties.

For the rolling pin we add a free recipe for delicious, light cookies. If you add pink food coloring to them – they will come out really extra!