Folk Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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It's not just a decoration. It's not just a gadget to decorate your kitchen countertop. It's a roller, a real engraved dough roller! We know it's weird, but really – you can use it to roll out real dough and bake the real cakes! It's true that they will be exceptionally beautiful. We ourselves are shocked that it is possible!

This unique, carved folk style rolling pin will decorate cookies in a totally surprising way. Apparently the theme is not very original – idyllic and rural accents are popular and loved, but on cakes...? Exactly. And here is the best reason to give yourself such a roller – phenomenal cakes, which will come out from it, will surprise everyone! Beautiful cockerels, artistic flowers... You just want to check what it can look like on cakes! Such a roller is a great idea for an unusual gift, which will appreciate not only each lover of sweets, but also the passionate of tradition and culture or just everything that is pretty!

To roller we add a recipe for cakes so you can try it out right away!