Foxes Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Perfect gifts
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Attention, attention, cute alert! Well, who knew that kitchen gadgets can be so cute! And it's not a joke, it's a rolling pin, a genuine engraved pin in foxes so cute that you won't have to add sugar to your cookies!

Carved dough roller with foxes, in addition to allowing you to create beautiful designs on cookies to the maximum (and you know that nice cookies taste better immediately!), it will also make great fun of that. It's the perfect idea to encourage children to bake, and will be perfect as a gift! Isn't it a little Montessori style toy? Parents will surely appreciate it! If you're stubborn, you can make beautiful designs in plasticine or other mass. But the most beautiful are cookies with sweet foxes, so delightful, so sweet, it's a pity to talk! But it's not a pity to eat them, on the contrary – such wonderful foxes, on cookies – you just want to crunch! We melt!

To the dough roller we add the recipe for delicious, crumbly cookies!