Funny Cat Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Perfect gifts
Beautifully packaged
No-fuss and clean with ease

Neither Behemoth nor the Cheshire Cat has as much power as our good old Philemon. You'll give it all to him! The softest cushion, the freshest milk, the best cookies... Well, no exaggeration, but everyone knows that cats are able to get their own tasty treats. Fortunately, there is a way to do it, namely a dough roller. With a cat, of course!

Engraved rolling pin with a cat will allow you to bake a lot of cute cookies with an image of a funny furry creature, which will disappear from every table in a flash, surprising your guests and tasting doubly good – one, that they will be simply delicious, two – and still with a cute kitten, you just want to munch! Such a carved dough roller is a brilliant idea for a gift, but also an interesting gadget for your own kitchen – you have to admit that it is outstandingly original and cool. You can invite your friends to bake together – it will be a lot of fun! And not a single lint, uf!

To the roller we add a free recipe for simple, tasty cakes, which everyone can bake.