Ghosts Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Everyone says that ghosts don't exist. Well, if one wants to believe that, that's ok. However, we have proof that ghosts are! And they are terribly delicious, terribly sweet, and terribly crunchy. And yes, it's a dough roller, and not just any roller, because it's awfully cool!

Engraved ghost roller is a must have for anyone who takes Halloween very seriously and loves all the gadgets associated with it. Ghostly cakes will be a real hit and – although they won't scare anyone – they will surely surprise, which is what good fun is all about. Such a sculpted roller is a great idea for a gift for a ghostbuster, but not only – it will simply make cool cakes, so it is good to have it in your kitchen drawer. It will come in handy during every party, and even outside it will be a lot of fun – baking cookies decorated with cute ghosts will surely be an interesting entertainment.

To roller we attach a free recipe for terribly delicious cookies.