Hedgehogs Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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We still don't know where the hedgehog wandered off to at night but we do know that it didn't get very far, because it got stuck in the kitchen. He stepped in the dough and disappeared, leaving marks on it. Well, he made a nice dough roller for us. Very nice indeed, with his image on it as a souvenir!

Engraved hedgehog rolling pins are really cute, and what an original gadget! Small, spiky creatures make everyone happy and associate only with nice – with orchards full of fruits, with sweet noses, funny stomping, and from now on also with cookies. Thanks to the rolling pin you can make lots of nice, tasty cookies with a design of cute hedgehogs which will make any party more attractive. They will be an ideal invitation for kids to bake cookies together with their parents and abandon ready-made sweets in favor of delicious, homemade and crunchy. Such carved rolling pins are also a great idea for a gift, because hardly anyone has such a gadget and hardly anyone would not want to have it! After all, it is in hedgehogs, so delightful!

For dough rollers we add a free recipe for simple cookies, without spikes!