I Love Christmas Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Everyone loves Christmas, because Christmas means lots of sweets! Here poppy seed cakes, there "another cheesecake...?" and lots of cookies... And with this lovely Christmas engraved roller you can bake them so much that they will be for Christmas, after Christmas, and maybe even for New Year's Eve something left! (As long as you hide them well!)

This sculpted dough roller with a Christmas motif is just lovely, in fact, it's really elegant! Thanks to it you can beautifully and original decorate gingerbread and not only. Finally on the Christmas table will be something different than the cookies cut out by the age-old molds! Sweets will be truly artistic, so they will be both to chomp and admire – a perfect combination! Such engraved dough rollers are a great gift idea for anyone who wants to create as much Christmas atmosphere as possible.

To roller we add for free a proven recipe for sweet, crispy cookies, perfect for the Christmas table.