Kitty Rolling Pin

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Who likes who, but cats can make some pretty good rolls! You can lose a lot of time watching funny videos with them, but it's hard to break away. That's why, if someone really likes to do it, it is necessary... to have a proper snack, that is cookies in cats – those cats from rolls. From the rollers. Well, those!

Engraved dough rollers in cats are simply delightful! It's obvious that every cat person will be delighted with such a gadget, but I think you have to admit it straight – cat cookies, which will come out from under it, will be liked by everyone, because they will be cute and, of course, delicious. Such a sculpted rolling pin is a perfect gift idea, a cool way to involve your child in an interesting activity and, most of all, something thanks to which from each, even the simplest cookies, you will conjure up fantastic and so interesting delicacies with the image of feisty cats, who are just waiting to play a trick. Better eat them beforehand, for peace of mind!

To the dough roller we add a free recipe for cookies as sweet as these cats!