Ladybugs Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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According to unofficial data, ladybugs are tired of flying to heaven for a piece of bread. They would much rather bring cookies, but since they are tiny and delicate, they can't do that without some kind of rolling pin. One like this one will do all the work for them!

Engraved ladybug rolling pin is an extremely cute way to create lovely, truly joyful cookies, which will charm not only sweet lovers, but just about anyone. How else? Ladybugs are always welcome, and in this variety – crispy ladybug colons – especially, and they can confidently compete with our idol fudge. A carved dough roller with their image will be a lovely decoration of the kitchen and will be perfect as a gift, even if it will just lie around and look beautiful. But if someone wants to feel the atmosphere of spring – let them say a wish to the ladybug, and it will “appear” on lovely cakes!

Just in case you don't want the ladybugs to appear “by themselves” we add a recipe for cookies.