Rabbits Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Yikes, how cute! So cute! Not only is it a dough roller, but it comes in adorable bunnies! Well it's hard to get a higher density of sweetness! This unique engraved rolling pin was created for pure pleasure, salvos of oohs and ahhs and simply – to evoke joy, both in baking and eating.

Cute dough roller with bunnies will be perfect for baking Easter cookies (the Hare has no problem with it, he is friends with rabbits), but not only! Any fan of the furry cuties will be overjoyed! And since bunnies disarm everyone, such a dough roller is the perfect idea for joint baking of parents with children, or grandparents with grandchildren, or even children themselves! It will definitely encourage them to quit watching Bugs Bunny on TV and create their own, or even a whole pack! And it comes with carrots! Aren't such dough rollers worth twisting...?

The roller will come with a recipe for delicious cookies. Pride of the child, when will make them ON THEIR OWN – priceless, parent's emotion – guaranteed. And all this with one, small, charming rolling pin!