Reindeers Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Merry Christmas, Christmas Merry, there go the reindeers... Well, they won't go far, because they'll get eaten. But it's not a recipe for a Christmas horror movie, it's a recipe for mega delicious cookies that won't stay on the table too long because they'll be just too pretty, too interesting, too delicious to leave them!

The reindeer engraved dough roller is a thing of beauty! With it you can create fantastic cookies, perfect for the holidays, full of stars, Christmas trees and reindeers. They will be extremely decorative, so perfectly find themselves on the Christmas table, feeding both the eyes and the tummy. The carved roller will be perfect as a gift under the Christmas tree, because it is simply adorable and so original! It is also worth buying long before Christmas, to start a new family tradition of baking fickle, lovely treats.

For the dough roller we add a free recipe for delicious and very simple (not only Christmas) cookies.