Robots Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Perfect gifts
Beautifully packaged
No-fuss and clean with ease

Robots in the kitchen are always welcomed and, all in all, don't surprise anyone, but... you have to admit, it's quite a roller with the ones here! Pretty good, even great, because it allows you to create fantastic designs on a variety of baked goods without having to load or program any appliances! A solid, wooden, perfectly made engraved robotic dough roller will appeal to all fans of funky kitchen gadgets.

With such a robotic dough roller, without metallic taste, without screws in the dough, but with a wide smile on your lips, you can bake extraordinarily futuristic delicacies, which will surprise not only fans of electronics. The rolling pin in robots is simply adorable, and robo-cookies will become a hit for any occasion. Such a dough roller is a great gift idea for anyone who likes to surprise with unusual sweets. Apparently, these robots like to be in a group, so family baking is welcome!

To the dough roller we add a free of charge tested recipe for cool cookies!