Enchandet Garden Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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There's so much talk about romantic dinners, fancy appetizers, and main courses... But what if the table was simply filled with cookies and, for example, a glass of milk? It would surely make your date unforgettable! Therefore, it is worth getting a rolling pin, if only one, one that is truly romantic and enchanted at the same time!

The engraved rolling pin with a romantic pattern of an enchanted garden will turn every, even the simplest cookie into a small work of art, which will enchant each and everyone. You don't need a date for this – it may be even afternoon tea in front of the TV, as long as in a pleasant company. Beautiful, artistic cookies are perfect for parties and everywhere, where you would like to make someone pleased by preparing a special treat for them. Such a carved rolling pin is a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys a pinch of artistry even while baking cookies. And if you share it with someone close... pleasant experience guaranteed!

Each rolling pin comes with a free recipe for delicious cookies, which disappear in a blink of an eye!