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"The Cookie I Sing, a simple separate cake,

Yet utter the word Democratic, the word En-Masse.

Of physiology from top to toe I sing,

Not physiognomy alone nor brain alone is worthy for the Cookie."

If Whitman had our rolling pin, he certainly wouldn't have written "One's-Self I Sing"... When you can already feel the spring in the air, instead of One's-Self it's better to look for cookies and sit with them on some clearing. Let the sunshine finally spoil you!

Spending time with engraved spring rolling pin makes a better free-time spring activity than Memorial Day parade! With it, with beautiful cookies you will introduce spring, nice and delicious atmosphere to your home. There is nothing that improves mood so much as something sweet, and if it looks so charming as cookies coming from under this rolling pin, then what more could you wish for? These will be a great table decoration, mood enhancer and a highlight at any party, even in bad weather. Such a carved rolling pin, cute and truly spring-like, is a perfect gift idea for everyone, who likes charming, and at the same time practical gadgets.

Each rolling pin comes with a free recipe for delicious cookies, perfect for baking together as a family!