Super Easter Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Perfect gifts
Beautifully packaged
No-fuss and clean with ease

First rule of Easter: there are NEVER too many eggs. Second rule: no cookies either! Third: you don't always need eggs for cookies. Fourth: all cookies can have eggs. Does that sound like some kind of a roll? And a very good one, as long as it's just that – a cute, funky engraved Easter rolling pin with a design of... well. It's all clear now!

Cute little ornamented Easter eggs on cute little cookies – after all, it's the perfect idea for Easter baking! With this rolling pin you can realize all your Easter fantasies – beautifully decorate the table with lovely cookies, make mega original Easter eggs, in addition fully edible (when you cut them nicely and put into a bowl they look adorable!), surprise your guests with original sweets. You can even – in case of emergency – quickly learn to bake, because the recipe for cookies is included! Generally only the positives, with such a dough roller you can have a great time on Easter!

You can also give it to someone as a gift. Or you can involve your loved ones in the fun – family baking for Easter... doesn't it sound cute...?