Wild Garden Rolling Pin

Made in Poland
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Perfect gifts
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No-fuss and clean with ease

If someone wants to show off in the kitchen and have a guarantee that this show off will be a complete success, there is no other way – they just need a rolling pin. And the best would be – a beautiful, engraved rolling pin with a plant motif, which will produce such baked goods, that oh my, oh lord, and oh dear would not be enough! Simply beautiful!

It's easy to imagine – such cookies roll onto the table, crispy, classic, completely ordinary. And everyone freezes, whispers start, there is no end to delight... Because these ordinary cookies have an extremely beautiful pattern, obtained with a single rolling pin! Just the kind of artistic rolling pin, which allows you to conjure up real miracles in the kitchen! It will cause just as much surprise, when you give it as a gift or during baking sessions together, when the relationship will strengthen, sealed with a fantastic pattern on delicious cookies. One could mention more and more advantages, but what's the point. It is better to make cookies, because delicacies so decorated will immediately disappear from the tables.

To make it even more perfect, we add a recipe for absolutely outstanding cookies to the rolling pin!